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Ghana Turtle Conservation and EcoTourism

Ghana Turtle Conservation and EcoTourism

Based on a beautiful stretch of golden beach on the West Coast of Ghana you will contribute to valuable efforts to conserve the local environment, habitat and nesting turtles and promote the importance of doing so within the surrounding fishing communities and to tourists.


  • Contribute to the vital work to conserve nesting sea turtles in Ghana.
  • Stay in shared accommodation at a guesthouse in an idyllic beachfront location on the West coast of Ghana.
  • Get involved with the local community, providing educational workshops in the fishing village and schools.
  • For those with an interest in eco-tourism an opportunity to learn about the sustainable practices at the guesthouse.
  • A rewarding and fun experience, which will provide the chance for a life changing cultural exchange.


You will be based at Green Turtle Lodge, which has been established as an eco-tourism guesthouse and has been working closely on development projects with the local communities since 2003. This strong relationship and connections with the community has led to a better understanding of the challenges and requirements of the people who traditionally rely predominantly on fishing for food and income. As a result, the volunteer programme puts an emphasis on community involvement at every level. The community is consulted on any programme planning from the outset and communicated with at all stages of development. By listening to the community and responding to their requests it is ensured that the projects do not impose Western ideas and any initiatives are genuinely welcomed and of benefit. In return, the community is enthusiastic in its support for the projects and working alongside volunteers.

As a volunteer at this project you will have a worthwhile and enjoyable volunteering experience. No volunteer will be replacing or taking the job of a local person. However, you will not be sitting on the sidelines; you will be getting involved and getting your hands dirty. You should not underestimate the motivation and interest that is created by having foreigners in the village, taking an interest in their life and culture.

As well as being a huge challenge and tremendously rewarding the volunteer project offers an unforgettable experience, fun and adventure. You will be volunteering in a tropical paradise; a deserted stretch of palm-lined beach with a backdrop of tropical rainforest. This means that in between your volunteer work, which we expect you to put your full energy into, you can relax by the ocean in a traditionally styled guesthouse, unwind and mingle with a diversity of interesting people.

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